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Who we are...

The Cimpex Credit Union Cooperative Society Limited was  registered on  9th March 1953.  CIMPEX is a small credit union, establish to provide financial services to its members who were primarily employed in the public sector of Trinidad and Tobago. 


Internal factors along with the current macro-economic trends such as the volatile local economy, growing competition and a creeping public mistrust of financial institutions have made it imperative for the credit union to lay down its strategies for its survival.  This approach will ensure that brand loyalty is established and maintained from one generation to the next. 

New strategies are now being employed by Cimpex to ensure organizational growth in the short and medium term. 

Within its membership, between its internal and external stakeholders, and throughout the lifecycle of each individual member. Cimpex Credit Union aim is to provide a safe, secure environment where all major life decisions can be facilitated, including education and training, house & vehicle purchases, vacations, and rites of passage including marriage and death.

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